My name is Autumn. I'll be seventeen at some point coming up. (oh crap i am seventeen) I'm pan.

My favorite games include Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Bioshock (1 and 2), and Uncharted (all). I read some Homestuck (favorite character being Vriska), currently early act 6. I am a Ravenclaw and my wand is Alder with Phoenix Feather Core, ten and three quarter inches unyielding.

My recent active fandom (the one I am currently most invested in) is Kim Possible (Kigo hell yeah). I also like Mass Effect, centering on Tali and Shepard.
Also, I'm a pretty big Steven Universe fan and Adventure Time.

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Something I don’t understand

My mother preaches how Christmas is about giving, not getting, and I agree. My “Christmas list” is at most five things long, usually books. My grandma gets a separate one because she insists on buying me things I want. so, that’s maybe ten items long, and on a good year, I get about three of the ten.

But this year, I’ve saved up about fifty dollars. It’s not enough for a plane ticket (or I’d be gone the moment I got out of school) but it is enough to spoil my best friend.

She lives in another state and I don’t have money to go see her. She’s the best thing ever and I have been heard saying to her “I’M JUST GOING TO BUY YOU EVERYTHING”. Because I really want to. So, I’m buying her Christmas presents with my saved up money.

I say that’s pretty giving of me. Not, like, perfect, but not selfish. I’m buying the best person in the world a few things with what money I have and being happy from her reactions.

That pisses my mom off to no end. How I’m spending my money on someone I love to make that person happy. I don’t know why when she claims the spirit of Christmas is love and charity.

I love J. I’m giving her things.

Why is that such a big issue?

I know my mom doesn’t know she wouldn’t have me if not for J.

I’m quite literally crying over the fact that my mother doesn’t accept the fact I have a friend that I haven’t meant in person. Sometimes she acts as though she does and then pulls one of these… fits. She throws a tantrum like a child, claiming that my friendship with J isn’t real, basically stating that I’m just as alone as I was a year ago, or two or five or ten.


I don’t really think that’s needed.

I know J is my friend and I know I love her.

So my mom can fuck off and stop trying to beat me into mental submission.